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Since 1974, Always First Driving Academy has existed to improve the interaction of road users of all ages and reduce the carnage on our roadways.  We provide the finest driver education and traffic safety programs and are involved in all issues relating to drivers and vehicles using our roadways, across the United States and beyond.

A complete and coherent understanding of people as well as the true love we have for vehicles and transportation is essential when providing the very best educational programs that we offer.  Driver education is a lifelong program that simply begins at the age one begins to learn to drive and it continues each moment we begin to move our vehicles towards an interaction with any other road user on our roadways.

We focus our energies and offer our programs to the public in the State of Indiana.  There is a true difference in professional driving schools and we are rare in that we focus on traffic safety issues as well as the specifics of driver education.

The moment you call us or email us you will notice how well informed all of our staff is and how delighted we are to serve you and exceed all your needs.  Professionalism is paramount with this organization and lends itself to the outstanding quality of education and service we provide to you, our client!

Each staff member and driving educator is carefully screened and selected to mesh with our family of professionals.  Knowledge and patience are essential to a successful mission of a complete driver education and traffic safety program.  Our facility is first class and located conveniently to you.  The educational process is totally interactive and complete in every detail with the knowledge and skills you need and desire.

Our lives are dedicated to saving yours with up to date and state of the art programs.  We never rest on our laurels as we constantly are in search of new and better ways to educate you and improve the retention of the educational programs we provide.  We offer programs to individuals, corporations, hospitals, rehabilitation organizations, schools and others in our quest to reach a perfect driving environment for all road users.

During our award winning and illustrious history we have been involved with every aspect of this industry and been a key component in numerous research projects by highly regarded universities.  Always First Driving Academy knows driver education and understands traffic safety.  This knowledge and understanding will allow us to provide for you, the very best experience in driving.

Call or email us today and learn the difference as you move forward to total independence and the freedom to drive safely as you interact with other road users on our roadways!